St John’s College has recently redefined my concept of disgust and this rad girl, Eleanor Gordon-Smith, has written a pretty excellent rant about it.


Dear Colleges,

Do you understand that my dog has a better understanding of basic societal rules than you? Rules like “don’t almost kill people” and “don’t shit on the furniture”.

She’s twenty one years old. The same age as you. And not once has she set fire to a couch or forced someone to drink poison.

If you’re an old boywith a law practice and a yacht who took your boy home after he was suspended in March, if you’re a college kid staying silent right now, I want you to know that my deaf, blind Jack Russell cross is a better behaved member of society than the person you’re protecting.

George Pell and Michael Spence think you’ve gone too far. One ordained squillionare telling you you’re insular and anachronistic has got to hurt, but two?

You’ve pushed your fair share of boundaries this year. Image

I have walked into…

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