heart dot com

Heart Dot Com

I made Heart Dot Com because I was interested in why we have chosen to use cyberspace to shield ourselves from a chance at spontaneous intimacy.

Internet dating has always fascinated me, particularly now as Tinder shakes off the shackles of those terrible eHarmony ads. I’m interested by how we choose to use technology as a screening tool and about what is lost or gained in that process. I’m also interested in the gap that develops in personal branding between what a person chooses to promote about themselves in contrast to what others might value in them (eg. a guy might push that he’s well ripped but not think to mention that he visits his grandmother every Sunday). I’m most interested in this space inbetween.

I commissioned five Sydney-based playwrights to develop a work around five characters in the throes of making their own dating video. From this the show tried to explore the awkward, intimate, excruciating and sublime moments of making contact with another human being and how this can translate into an online space.

Heart Dot Com was a gentle search of why we look for love in a disembodied space.

Writers: Katie Pollock, Alison Rooke, Jasper Marlow, Ellana Costa, and Luke Carson.

With Madeleine Jones, Paul Hooper, Tim Reuben, Felix Gentle, and Randa Sayed.

TAP Gallery, October 2010.

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