VIMH has a community gathering practice that focuses on creating space for artists to feel safe and supported through rigorous and inclusive development processes.

It is our responsibility to advocate a development culture that will become a foundation for new Australian writing and performance.

This culture is built upon the following beliefs:
1. It is possible to be kind and rigorous.
2. Turning towards each other and investing in our community is a radical act.
3. Risk-taking and the failure that it produces is essential.

Examples of VIMH’s community practice

VIMH’s Associate Artist Program, 2021. Read about its intentions here.
Writer’s Army, a silent co-working space run in association with Brunswick Mechanics Institute and Malthouse Theatre, 2018-2019.

Dinner and a Show, 2017-2018, run in association with La Mama Theatre through its Arvo Tea and a Show program. Read about it more here.