I sat and waited but you were gone too long
I sat and waited but you were gone too long, 2016, La Mama Explorations. Image by Sarah Walker.
VIMH (the voice in my hands) produces bold original new work and PURSUES RISK, RIGOUR AND CARE IN EVERYTHING IT DOES.

VIMH is an independent theatre company based in Melbourne.

We make feminist work that sits in liminal spaces and imagines new ways of being together.

We also have a community gathering practice, trying to make spaces where experimentation feels safe, where artists feel supported, and where practice is rigorous and inclusive.

In these strange times when we’re not allowed to physically gather, we are offering this application database as a digital community resource.

my sister feather, 2018, La Mama Courthouse. Photo by Sarah Walker.

Reviews of VIMH’s most recent work my sister feather:

“Satchell’s text masterfully crafts these characters in this moment. Very little in this play is extraneous to this fragment of these women’s lives, but they are such complete portraits that we feel like we know their whole story, even though we really don’t. It’s not a prison play, despite its setting; it uses the prison yard as a crucible to distil this relationship between these sisters.” (Witness Performance)

“[T]his is a play of intensity and courage that swims in a sea of complex femininity” (Theatre People)

“It was my first time attending a show at La Mama. With its proud history of fostering and supporting great Australian talent (Cate Blanchett and Judith Lucy among their alumni), my expectations were high and I was not disappointed.” (Stage Whispers)

let bleeding girls lie creative development, Bluestone Church Arts Space 2019. Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.

Upcoming work: let bleeding girls lie, October 2020 (details TBC).