The Grief Trilogy by Liv Satchell, La Mama Courthouse Summer 2023. Pictured: Emily Tomlins, Chanella Macri and Belinda McClory. Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.




Three plays about women connecting through experiences of grief and loss.

Created over the last seven years by writer/director Liv Satchell with an ensemble of Melbourne’s leading theatre artists, The Grief Trilogy brings the critically acclaimed productions let bleeding girls lie and my sister feather and the world premiere of I sat and waited but you were gone too long to La Mama Courthouse in March 2023. Nominated for seven Green Room Awards and now produced for the first time as a complete body of work, these plays explore transformational encounters between strangers and our desire for connection in the face of loss, grief, and violence.

★★★★ “A gorgeous exhibition of empathetic theatre making […] Chanella Macri, Belinda McClory and Emily Tomlins sharing a stage together should be reason enough to stop reading immediately and book a ticket.”

– THEATRE PEOPLE on let bleeding girls lie

★★★★ “A funny and profoundly touching play, stylishly designed and directed, that touches on sombre subjects […] with empathy and humour.”

– THE AGE on let bleeding girls lie

“Satchell and her team admirably demonstrate that good theatre doesn’t need big casts and bigger sets. All it needs is a couple of great actors and a script that has something to say.”

– WITNESS PERFORMANCE on my sister feather

Written by Liv Satchell with Chanella Macri, Belinda McClory, Emily Tomlins

Directed by Liv Satchell

Dramaturgy by Emma Valente

Production Design by James Lew

Sound Design by Tom Backhaus and Hannah McKittrick

Lighting Design by John Collopy with Jason Crick

Stage Managed by Ashleigh Walwyn

Produced by Julian Dibley-Hall

Assistant Directed by Leigh Lule

This production is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants

This project receives funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund

This project receives funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH Lab

This project is supported by the Robert Salzer Foundation.