application database


I read an article a while ago about a woman who tried to write a minimum of 100 applications a year. Not only did she inevitably have some success (my Dad once gave me the dating advice that if I asked out 100 people, statistically 3% would say yes), but she kept a data log of each application to track feedback, the development of her ideas, and to remind herself that ultimately a lack of success is not necessarily because her idea or even her application was substandard. Given the probabilistic nature of success, if one of her applications was used again with a different granting body, it might well be successful without altering a single word.

As part of VIMH’s commitment to sharing resources as well as to embracing the value of failure, this is a centralised database of a curated collection of Melbourne and Sydney-based arts applications (including prizes, funding, workshops, etc):

find it here

It is by no means comprehensive and will be built upon weekly.

Please email if you’d like anything to be included.