dinner and a show

All artwork by the INCREDIBLE Nanny Potts. 
Commission her for all your whimsical needs before she becomes extremely famous.


dinner and a show is a development program that brings new writing into a shared social space. All the writer must have is a willingness to share their work.

Every month,a different writer is invited to participate. Artists are arranged to read the work and a home-cooked meal is provided for all those attending. The writer’s draft is read by the group and then discussed over dinner. The discussion is facilitated by program directors (and cooks) Julian Dibley-Hall and Olivia Satchell.

That’s it. It is what it says on the label.

It has been our greatest pleasure to run dinner and a show for the past two years. We wanted to provide a practice-based coming together by using the ritual of a shared meal as a framework for discussing new work.

This zine is a collection of some of the work shared with us during this time. For each writer, you’ll find a statement of context for their excerpt, as well as a few pages from the script they brought to dinner.

This program has only been made possible by the generosity of the SBW Foundation and the Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund since the beginning of 2017.

We would like to thank all our writers and readers for their generosity, and also extend a special thanks to the incredibly gifted Hannah Cox for these custom illustrations.

Much love,

Livand Jules x



Georgie Harriss – The Puppet Regime

Amelia Newman – Ghosts are Real

Jai Leeworthy – Dogshrine

Alberto Di Troia – Big Things

Fiona Spitzkowsky – Laura

Charles O’Grady – ghostboy

Hayley Lawson-Smith – The Nativity Play or We Three

Genevieve Atkins – Bedtime Stories for Girls

Jane e Thompson – Standing on the Steps of Private Planes


Angus Cameron – in the mirror, darkly

Christopher Bryant – The Great Dark Spot

Fiona Spitzkowksy – The View From Up Here

Jane E. Thompson – The Narcissism of Small Differences

Eric Gardiner – BARON バロン

Emily Sheehan – Fucked Up White Girls

Hayley Lawson-Smith – Fly

Brendan McDougall – Sorry I Love You

Grace De Morgan – Quite Drunk Very Jesus-y