dinner and a show


dinner and a show is a development program that brings new writing into a shared social space.

Too often, writers feel unattended during the inception phase of their work. What if other artists could bear witness and provide a safely-sprung sounding board to the wildness of early drafts?

dinner and a show facilitates a monthly reading of a new writing project. Please note, new writing does not simply mean new plays; this category may be as broad as the writer could wish it.

All the writer has to do is show up. Artists will be arranged and a home-cooked meal will be provided for all those attending.

That’s it.

Read the play, eat the food, probably chat about the play.

Across this series there is an ongoing conversation about what new writing can contain and where it might stretch to – each writer is either interviewed or contributes in some way to the VIMH blog about what is driving their work.

dinner and a show wants to inspire conversation, connection and collaboration. If you’re keen on getting involved please just shoot us an email at thevoiceinmyhands@gmail.com.



Georgie Harriss – The Puppet Regime

Amelia Newman – Ghosts are Real

Jai Leeworthy – Dogshrine

Alberto Di Troia – Big Things

Fiona Spitzkowsky – Laura

Charles O’Grady – ghostboy


Angus Cameron – in the mirror, darkly

Christopher Bryant – The Great Dark Spot

Fiona Spitzkowksy – The View From Up Here

Jane E. Thompson – The Narcissism of Small Differences

Eric Gardiner – BARON バロン

Emily Sheehan – Fucked Up White Girls

Hayley Lawson-Smith – Fly

Brendan McDougall – Sorry I Love You

Grace De Morgan – Quite Drunk Very Jesus-y

dinner and a show is being generously supported by The Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund.