2 august 2023 – 13 august 2023 | fortyfivedownstairs


A double bill of two acclaimed plays by Benjamin Nichol.


Millie would do anything for her best friend Annie. No matter the consequence, no matter the cost. Times may be tough and Millie may not have much, but as long as Annie’s happy then so is she.

And that’s all that matters right?

After winning Best Production and Best Direction at the 2022 Green Rooms Awards (with further nominations for Writing, Performer, and Lighting), and featuring a tour de force performance from Izabella Yena, kerosene returns to Melbourne to present a blistering and honest portrayal of love, loneliness and obsession in the suburbs.


Twenty two years old and rurally isolated, Eden is bored, aimless, angry at his Mum, and obsessed with the attention he receives from older men on the internet.

One night Eden meets David, and discovers a world of dancing and divinity, of possibility and potential. But only for as long as he can keep the fantasy alive.

Brought to life by the creative team behind the critically acclaimed keroseneSIRENS presents a complex psychological study into obsession and intimacy, multi-faceted forms of love, the unpredictability of the queer experience, and what we owe the people and places that ‘make us’.

Photos by Jack Dixon-Gunn


Writer and Co-director: Benjamin Nichol
Performer and Co-director: Izabella Yena
Producers: Julian Dibley-Hall and Liv Satchell
Sound Composition: Connor Ross
Lighting Designer: Harrie Hogan
Presented by VIMH


Writer and Performer: Benjamin Nichol
Co-creator: Izabella Yena
Director: Olivia Satchell
Producer: Julian Dibley-Hall
Sound Composition: Connor Ross
Lighting Designer: Harrie Hogan
Presented by VIMH


Preview (single show): $30
Preview (double bill): 
Full (single show):
Full (double bill): $65
Concession / group 6+ (single show): $35
Concession / group 6+ (double bill): $60