angus cameron: in the mirror, darkly

Angus Cameron, with Marissa O’Reilly, Cariad Wallace, Hamish Irvine, and Christian Taylor.
Who are our heroes? Our villains? Are they the same thing these days? Angus Cameron’s In the Mirror, Darkly takes the Elektra narrative as its blueprint and twists it around, and around, and around – so as to make it, at once, both familiar and foreign.
What results is neither contemporary nor classic, since these timeless stories are repeated throughout history and permeate our culture.

Our prototype dinner and a show session (which in fact was morning tea and a show) was with Angus Cameron’s new play in the mirror, darkly. It was presented as part of the Festival of Homer at The Hellenic Museum and so Angus used the reading with the same team that was involved in its presentation.

He very kindly wrote an essay on failure for the VIMH blog, which can be found here and which reflects on who gets the right to write.

The incredible MPavilion 2014 by Sean Godsell made for a fantastic venue.