lie still

Lie still as I unstitch your fine shirt-skin

and let it fall at our feet.

Still, as I unlock your chest

and seek from amongst your ribs

the memories that have puzzled you together.

Still, as I roll them between my fingers

and smooth their roughness with my sweat.


This glass-unreality will shatter

so let us lie still, quiet.

Do not breathe: it will end like a switch-flick.

We will be plunged back

into this borrowed light.

Lie still in our glass-house,

in which I hide your body in the hollow of my neck

as you echo into me.


Lie still or these gentle cords will bind us

barb-rope tight.

Bind us like a flesh-and-blood rock,

punctured by cries and sea-wave tremors.


©LS 2012

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