VIMH (the voice in my hands) produces bold original new work and PURSUES RISK, RIGOUR AND CARE IN EVERYTHING IT DOES.

VIMH is an independent theatre company based in Melbourne. We make new work that sits in liminal spaces and imagines alternative ways of being together. We also have a community gathering practice, where experimentation feels safe, artists feel supported, and practice is rigorous and inclusive.

recent work – sirens

SIRENS by Benjamin Nichol, directed by Liv Satchell, 2022, Melbourne Fringe Festival. Pictured: Benjamin Nichol. Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.

“[T]his performance will undoubtedly stand out as being one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe festival.”

Theatre Matters ★★★★★

“[SIRENS] strikes a delicate, powerful chord thanks to the nuance and intensity of its characterisation, the intimacy and emotional depth that writer-performer Benjamin Nichol brings to the stage.”

The Age ★★★★

“Nichol received a standing ovation at the performance we attended, underscored by a chorus of sniffles and rustling tissues. Sirens evokes the complexities of connecting to others and connecting to home in a way that marks it as one of the best on offer at Fringe this year – a siren call worth answering.”

Time Out ★★★★

“Nichol has crafted a story that is so unflinchingly raw and honest that it ends up being something you’ve not seen before. Given we are in October, it is safe to say that this will be one of the best shows of the year.”

My Melbourne Arts

RECENT WORK – the view from up here

The View From Up Here by Fiona Spitzkowsky, directed by Julian Dibley-Hall, 2022, Theatre Works. Pictured: Chanella Macri, Brigid Gallacher, Emily Tomlins. Photo by Theresa Harrison.

‘I believe Spitzkowsky’s text needs to be experienced on as wide a scale as possible; regional and multi state tours, a place on the English and Drama syllabus; because it needs to be analysed, debated and lauded for boldness in exploring this very particular moment in time with the skill and passion with which she’s penned it. I hope that other works explore these themes on the level that this production does because as much as I was moved, elated, and stimulated by it, it’s essential that this not be the only one.’

– Theatre People ★★★★

The View from Up Here is a modern-day parable about the imminent dangers of global warming. It draws a powerful parallel between the characters striving to reconnect after tragedy and a wonderful team of independent artists who have rebuilt their practice in the wake of Covid-19. Their efforts prove worthwhile in this eloquent Australian premiere.’

– Time Out ★★★★


let bleeding girls lie by Liv Satchell, 2021, La Mama Courthouse. Pictured: Emily Tomlins, Belinda McClory and Chanella Macri. Photo by Darren Gill.

‘Let bleeding girls lie is a funny and profoundly touching play, stylishly designed and directed, that touches on sombre subjects such as gendered violence, or women’s experience of loneliness and ageing, with empathy and humour.’
– The Age ★★★★

‘Satchell and the rest of her team have a trust and reverence for the theatrical power of stillness and it’s one they take profound advantage of; before a line had even been uttered I felt an intuitive understanding of all three of these compellingly ordinary women and would have followed them wherever they cared to take me.’

– Theatre People ★★★★

let bleeding girls lie was funny, deeply touching and at times heartbreaking. It beautifully highlights the power of care and connection in difficult times.’

– Theatre Travels