writer’s army


Launched in 2018, Writer’s Army is a one-day writing intensive for anyone who needs some friendly faces and no distractions. It’s hosted on a regular basis and has been run in collaboration with Brunswick Mechanics Institute and Malthouse Theatre. Sadly, social distancing makes this program difficult to run. We hope for it to be up and about as soon as we’re allowed to congregate again.


1. The session goes from 10am-1pm and then 2pm-4pm.
2. Everyone must be at each session on time and commit to staying the entire session. No leaving the building during session.
3. No verbal communication after warmup or at lunch. This is a silent demi-communal activity.
4. No internet access between 10am and 4pm. If for some reason you have to check emails etc., you must do so surreptitiously. No obvious e-time.
5. No screens at lunch. The hour of lunch is for going for a walk, grabbing lunch, reading a book, having a rest. Analogue activities.
6. Bring snacks to share. This is very important as it signals your commitment to your fellow workers.
7. Go out for a drink/coffee at the end. This is as a way of breaking back into the spoken world.

Cost: FREE.

Next event: TBC, 2020.

Remember: bring your laptop and/or your notebook, a snack, and your writing fingers.

For a bit of background info on the initiative, check out this write-up by Eliza Bent about its origin in the States.