Hey, world.

This is the morning after, so to speak.

The morning after the last day. 

Yesterday was the final night of my first indie show, Heart Dot Com. It was a multi-playwright project which explored how we choose to communicate with each other in this modern age where time and space have been ripped apart (where we may contact anyone, anywhere, in the world at the click of a button but choose not to make eye contact on the train).

I kept an online scrap-book, of sorts, during the rollercoaster ride of mounting this production: http://thevoiceinmyhands.wordpress.com/.

There were two main reasons for this.

1. I wanted to create a conversation about the ideas in this piece that stretched beyond the doors of the theatre.

2. I am terrible at sitting still and as a result ‘reflection’ is not an activity that falls into my skill-set. I can’t even put it under my ‘misc’ skills in my CV. However, setting myself the challenge of writing about the process everyday forced me to put on the ol’ reflection-hat and the benefits of that have been vast. Over the couple of months that I wrote the blog I could feel my ability to understand what I had learnt/newly-witnessed from day to day grow like some sort of overactive gland.

The show’s over now but all the life-veins are still beating so I’ve decided to set up a new scrap-book. A life one, I guess. It’s pretty self-indulgent but it makes the focusing lens a bit clearer, which can’t hurt.

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